Mature your cask in a Royal setting

Häckeberga Castle in southern Sweden is close to nature and a simple life. The castle is beautifully situated in one of Skåne’s nature reserves. It houses both comfortable accommodations and a highly rated restaurant which among other things serves typical Skåne “goose dinner” every year.


If you have a cask in Häckeberga castle warehouse, you can taste it on selected dates at The Lodge in Genarp. Log in to the cask web system to see available times.

At Häckeberga Castle in Skåne life is simple and close to nature. The castle is beautifully situated on one of Häckebergasjön's seven islets and outside Genarp. The castle has both comfortable accommodation and a popular restaurant that is frequently used by both private individuals and companies.

Regardless of where you have your cask stored, you get a "Cask Owner Discount" when you book an overnight package or a conference with an overnight stay at Häckeberga Castle. The discount applies to their regular products at the regular price and subject to availability. The discount is 10% on the package price (not on drinks) and state the discount code "Barrel owner" when booking to get the discount.

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